Sangihe Dive Sites, Indonesia

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General Information
Sandwiched between Manado (the capital of North Sulawesi) and Mindanao Island of the Philippines, Sangihe Talaud is the outermost group of islands in the north of Indonesia. The mini archipelago consists of 77 large and small islands. Crossing the sea, Sangihe can be reached in 4-5 hours by speedboat from Manado or Bitung, and overnight by liveaboard. A ferry journey from Manado could take around 10 hours. Are you a traveller with little time but many things to do on the list? There is a direct flight from Manado to Tahuna, the capital of Sangihe Talaud Regency.

Sangihe Talaud group of islands is an area with a stretch of active volcanoes. Among the many volcanoes there are two volcanoes that are underwater in fairly shallow waters. One of them Mahengetang Volcano located in Mahengetang Island, Sangihe, North Sulawesi. Banua Wuhu, as local people call the mountain, located just 300 meters from the southwest side of the island Mahengetang.

You don’t have to go deep to find the volcano. Volcanic crater point marked by the release of bubbles in the rocks at a depth of 8 meters. Water temperatures average 37-38 degrees Celsius there. Diving at the site, you’ll find a submerge reef which is actually the summit of the underwater volcano. No wonder that sulfur-covered rocks spread on the depth around 3-4m to around 15m where healthy and colorful coral reefs and schools of fusilier hovering.

There is a story that locally has been transferred from generation to generation. A story about underwater tunnel that has two unknown end points. The local believe that Banua Wuhu is the ruler at the mountain. Hence every end of January the local hold a ceremony called Tulude. Two weeks before the Tulude ritual starts, an elder of the tribe is diving to the hallway with a plate of gold as offering for Banua Wuhu.

Besides the unique scene underwater, Sangihe also blessed with beautiful landscape. There are several waterfalls in the island, such as Nahepese waterfalls that the name reflects the fact that the waterfalls is very narrow looks like it squeezed by the wall, Elong waterfalls which water falls down to the ocean-blue natural lake below with the depth of ± 14 meters in diameter, and Matei Tegak waterfalls that the water goes down perpendicular to the river.
Dive Operators
No operator listed
The Bintang Utara Hotel, Address: Jl. Pahlawan Lama No. 46, Tahuna; Phone (+62) 432-21375.
New Victory Veronika, Jl. Raremenusa, Phone: +62 432 21494
Hotel Nasional, Jl. Makaampo, Phone: +62 432 21185
Hotel Sederhana, Jl. Baru, Phone: +62 432 21430
Hotel Tahuna, Jl. Makaampo No. 47, Phone: +62 432 22100
Where to Eat
There are several small restaurants in town.
Other Activities
Bird Watching
Sight Seeing:
Pananualeng Beach
Kadadima Waterfall
Ngurawalo Waterfall
Nahapese Waterfall
Elong Waterfall
Matei Waterfall
How to Get There

Airport: Naha Airport/ Tahuna (Domestic)

Accessible from most international flight or domestic flight from the following city: Manado

List of airlines:
Wings Air

Boat transfer: From Manado harbour there is a number of boats going to various islands in the Sangihe Talaud Archipelago, like Tahulandang, Siau, Sangihe Besar (Tahuna), Makalehi, Talaud and others.
PELNI has a big vessel going from Bitung to both places every four weeks.

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