About Us

For decades, Indonesia’s underwater realm has been the stuff of legend amongst dive professionals and dive enthusiasts. Thousands of people globally visit the country every year, whether they are divers or not, to witness the breathtaking underwater seascape inhabited by a rich density of marine life compared to anywhere else in the world.

The collection of islands, approximately 17,000 islands situated in the heart of the coral triangle, Indonesia is not only a destination, but a paradise for divers. Home to a rich and impressively diverse variety of underwater life, the archipelago provides divers the opportunity to gaze upon the 3000 different species of aquatic life waiting to be discovered. From encountering small critters to the larger pelagic fish and marine mammals. Despite the country’s world wide fame, there is a surprising lack of information about these areas of natural, untouched beauty, especially about particular dive sites found scattered around the archipelago.

The Indonesian Dive Directory is dedicated to passionate, experienced divers chasing a unique underwater inspiration in the largest archipelago in the world, or divers-to-be seeking for that perfect first-time dive. We proudly present to you 500 dive sites where you can observe Indonesia’s finest natural, living treasures radiating with life and colour.

Each dive entry is composed of complete information about the dive site, including seascape maps, to guide and inform divers who plan to explore Indonesia’s deep blue. Since 2008, a team of experienced and professional divers has been gathering and continuously seeking room for improvements on this immense repository of data. Despite the team’s painstaking attention for detail during data collection and processing, complete accuracy of the course cannot be guaranteed. Nature is forever dynamic and turbulent through time and space, which will unavoidably result in changes to a few discoveries. However, that does not negate the comprehensiveness of our directory.

This is a result of years of committed experience, research, and surveys. A collaborated effort conducted in association with professional divers and dive operators at each site. It is our passion to offer divers and travelers around the world extensive information about diving in Indonesia. Our goal is for fellow divers to fully experience the beauty of Indonesia’s thriving marine ecosystem and feel inspired after every dive. May the Indonesia Dive Directory be your guide to explore Indonesia’s magnificent underwater world and to help you discover the great variety of marine life.

Have fun, and safe diving!