The Scuba certification levels - Beginner

Professionally recognized as the Open Water Diver course, it is the entry-level autonomous diver certification for recreational scuba diving. All recreational diver training agencies offer this entry-level course that includes knowledge development (theory), confined water dives (also known as practical training at a limited depth), and open water dives (the experience).

Every aspiring diver must start at this beginner level, which acts as a ticket to commence your dive journey. The course will equip you with fundamental scuba diving skills as you learn how to use basic scuba gear (mask, snorkel, fins, regulator, buoyancy control device, and a tank), gain essential information you need to dive safely, and other diving knowledge required to further your certification.

This introductory course is perfect for those who are keen to dip into the world of scuba diving without having to plunge into any commitment. You will get involved in classroom or online learning programs, confined water skills training and practice (a swimming pool or natural underwater location with easy conditions), followed by a final dive in the open ocean as appropriate.

To enrol, no prior experience is expected. All you need is adequate swimming skills and to be in good physical health. Diving is an activity that requires a certain extent of physical and emotional maturity. Hence, most dive centers specify an age restriction of 10 years old or older.